In a supervision session the other day a member of the group mentioned a short series of programmes that BBC Radio 4 had broadcast in which Susie Orbach narrates a therapy session with a client. We hear vignettes from the sessions – with the fictitious clients played by actors and the real Susie Orbach in dialogue. Orbach adds additional narration in asides to the listening audience.

The 15 minute episodes make for compelling and moving listening.

The Guardian published an article last Thursday (18 February 2016) about the series:

Unless you’re spectacularly keen on minding your own business, Radio 4’s In Therapy is a goldmine. Psychotherapist Susie Orbach lets listeners eavesdrop on private conversations with her patients in riveting 15-minute sessions.

Of course, the clients aren’t real. They are played by actors who have been given a back-story so they can improvise scenes on the couch. And they do it so well it’s easy to get lost in all their quirks and confessions.

Listen to and download the hosrt programmes from the BBC website here: