On Feeling Depressed

http://ift.tt/2pwgVyW There’s a difference between sadness and clinical depression. We all feel sad sometimes, possibly often, but that doesn’t always mean we are suffering from a chemical imbalance. As The School of Life points out in this video, sadness is often a rational -and normal- response to the world around us. (YouTube link) They offer […]

How Do Tics Develop in Tourette Syndrome?

http://ift.tt/2pD7FWm Tourette syndrome is a brain dysfunction that leads to involuntary motor tics, such as sniffing, blinking, or clapping. In about 10 percent of cases, it also leads to the spontaneous utterance of taboo words or phrases, known as coprolalia. Until recently, these tics were believed to be the result of a dysfunction primarily in […]

The Fascinating Way Trees Communicate With Each Other

http://ift.tt/2op1Y0K 5371839299001 How do trees communicate with each other? Using the wood wide web, of course. Though it sounds like a Fozzie Bear joke, the wood wide web is a real thing—and trees can use it to warn each other of impending danger. from mental_floss http://ift.tt/2nT6YXm http://ift.tt/2pEV6ul

We suffer from “nature deficit disorder” and the accompanying pretenses of citified life. Take a cue from Hobbes, Rousseau, Einstein, Dickens, and Hazlitt: Take a hike

http://ift.tt/2p1cmMv goosie gander On April 14, 1934, Richard Byrd went out for his daily walk. The air was the usual temperature: minus 57 degrees Fahrenheit. He stepped steadily through the drifts of snow, making his rounds. And then he paused to listen. Nothing. He attended, a little startled, to the cloud-high and over-powering silence he […]

Long skeptical of the value of philosophy, Silicon Valley may be coming around. “When bullshit can no longer be tolerated,” they turn to a sort-of Chief Philosophy Officer

http://ift.tt/2okZ7Dg Silicon Valley is obsessed with happiness. The pursuit of a mythical good life, achievement blending perfectly with fulfillment, has given rise to the quantified self movement, polyphasic sleeping, and stashes of off-label pharmaceuticals in developers’ desks. Yet Andrew Taggart thinks most of this is nonsense. A PhD in philosophy, Taggart practices the art of […]

Is Matter Conscious? Why the central problem in neuroscience is mirrored in physics

http://ift.tt/2obghXG Hedda Hassel Morch in Nautilus: The nature of consciousness seems to be unique among scientific puzzles. Not only do neuroscientists have no fundamental explanation for how it arises from physical states of the brain, we are not even sure whether we ever will. Astronomers wonder what dark matter is, geologists seek the origins of […]

The Hermeneutics of Babies

http://ift.tt/2p8RByk Cecile Alduy at berfrois: Babies are hermeneutic subjects par excellence. When they come out of the womb, none of our dichotomies apply, not even outside and inside one’s body, day and night, me and you. And every waking hour they start interpreting the world: noticing patterns (nap then lunch, bath-book-song then sleep), contrasts (wet/dry, […]

Ways of Knowing

http://ift.tt/2oB2ipN by Yohan J. John Once, some years ago, I was attending a talk by the philosopher Slavoj Žižek at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was engaged in his usual counterintuitive mix of lefty politics and pop culture references, and I found myself nodding vigorously. But at one point I asked myself: do […]

Be your selves: We behave differently on different social media

http://ift.tt/2p900Sy Derek Thompson in The Economist: A friend who stumbled upon my Twitter account told me that my tweets made me sound like an unrecognisable jerk. “You’re much nicer than this in real life,” she said. This is a common refrain about social media: that they make people behave worse than they do in “real […]

The art of dream interpretation was long dominated by religious approaches. Then came the rationalists, philosophers, poets, and psychologists

http://ift.tt/2oIao43 Alicia Puglionesi explores a curious case of supposed dream telepathy at the end of the US Civil War, in which old ideas about the prophetic nature of dreaming collided with loss, longing, and new possibilities of communication at a distance. Illustration from Edwin D. Babbitt’s The Principles of Light and Color (1878) — Source. […]