Therapists want statutory registration

Sep 24 2008

Currently in the UK, as in Ireland, it is possible for anyone to call themselves a counsellor or therapist, even if they have no training or have been previously been disciplined for poor practice. Government regulation of the profession seems to be the best way forward.

More than 5,000 counsellors and psychotherapists have called on the Government to introduce statutory registration for their profession without delay.

It is currently possible for anyone to call themselves counsellors or psychotherapists without the required training and competence and there is no redress board or sanctions for complaints against them.

Furthermore, there is no way to prevent practitioners who have been disciplined by their accrediting body from continuing to practice.

Recommendations for the statutory training and regulation of counselling and psychotherapy were presented by the Psychological Therapies Forum, an umbrella group representing psychological therapists, to Junior Health Minister, John Maloney.

Therapists want statutory registration.

Emotional pain is worse than physical pain

Sep 17 2008

Researchers writing in the journal Psychological Science, said evolutionary brain changes which allow us to work better in groups or societies make human being more susceptible to emotional or social pain than physical pain.

This article make interesting reading.