Anna van der Gaag, Chair of the Health Professions Council, writing in The Guardian:

Darian Leader is critical of proposals for the statutory regulation of psychotherapists (Therapy shows us life is not neat or safe. So why judge it by those criteria?, 10 December). He says that the Health Professions Council’s framework cannot be "sensitive to the particularity of therapy" and that psychotherapy cannot be "shoehorned" into the same regulatory package as other professionals.

As chair of the HPC, I believe he is mistaken. He says we are a regulator of "medical-style intervention", yet we already regulate art psychotherapists, music therapists and psychologists. We do not operate on a medical model. Our objective is to protect the health and wellbeing of people using the services of professions working in the health, education and psychological arenas. We want the public to know that a therapist has been trained and continues actively to pursue professional development, and that if they step over the bounds of trust they will be dealt with fairly and transparently.