Economic Downturn Increases Demand for Psychological Services

Sep 26 2008, in News, Uncategorized

In the United States the economic crisis is leading to more peopel seeking psychological help. I’m sure there must be a similar trend in the UK.

Economic Downturn Increases Demand for Psychological Services | Blogging on Good Therapy.

The economic downturn has lead to a spike in the demand for psychological crisis services, according to several sources.

In New York, calls to Hopeline, a telephone crisis service for people experiencing severe depression increased by about 75 percent between the summer of 2007 and the summer of 2008. Hopeline received a record 10,368 in July of this year, and expects a continued climb as the economy worsens and financial stressors – and the incumbent potential damage to self-esteem, hopefulness, relaxation, and other areas of ego strength and functionality – increase nationwide.

A poll conducted this past spring by the American Psychological Association found that 75% of Americans report stress due to financial problems. A similar poll one year ago put the number at half of the respondents, who said financial stress is hurting their professional and personal lives.
“We’re reached a tipping point where anxiety about the economy is pervasive,” said Dan Abrahamson, an executive at APA. The stresses and anxieties are there all the time; you can’t get them out of your mind.”