The Scotsman carries a rather sobering review of some of the statistics describing the mental health of teens in Scotland the the inadequate resources to deal with it.

The pressure of modern day society is responsible for the deteriorating mental health of Scotland’s young people, according to The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition (SCSC).Bullying, the 24/7 online environment, sexual pressure and issues around body image, school stress and family breakdown are just a few of the reasons more young people are seeking mental health support.

The number of those being referred to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) has increased by 32 per cent over the last two years. A report released by the child and adolescent health research unit last week found that there have been “concerning” changes in the mental health of teenage girls in Scotland.Scotland’s girls are not alone in their struggle. According to the findings by the Mental Welfare Commission, 207 admissions of under-18s to non-specialist units such as adult psychiatric and paediatric wards were recorded in 2014/15, an increase from 202 the previous year.

As half of all diagnosable mental health conditions start before the age of 14, and 75 per cent by the age of 21, early intervention is crucial for the mental health of Scotland’s young people.SCSC expects that the number of those in need will increase along with societal pressures and increasing demand for services.“Only 0.45 per cent of NHS Scotland expenditure is spent on CAMHS, amounting to 5.56 per cent of the total mental health budget. This is a paltry amount to deal with the ‘ticking timebomb’ of increasing demand and what is clearly required is greater resourcing” Alex Orr, policy advisor at SCSC states.

Source: In numbers: Young Scots’ declining mental health – The Scotsman