When children misbehave it is often a way to communicate that they are experiencing unmanageable feelings. As the feelings are unmanageable they cannot even be processed sufficiently to communicate them in a less direct way – they have to be acted out. If the teacher, parent or carer responds to the acting out in a similarly unprocessed way, be applying direct pressure or by responding emotionally, the child is confirmed in his/her experience that the emotions are unmanageable – not only be himself, but also by the adult and the experience of the emotion is multiplied.

While there are many different ways to reduce classroom problems, it appears that giving children the skills they need to problem-solve might be the best solution.

Children taught skills to monitor and control their anger and other emotions improved their classroom behavior and had significantly fewer school disciplinary referrals and suspensions, according to new research.

via Kids Taught Self-Control Behave Better at School | LiveScience.