What is anxiety?

Anxiety and fear, are actually important for survival. The “Fight or flight” is a natural instinct the evolved to protect the body against stress or danger.

For some people, anxiety becomes so overwhelming that it takes over their lives, they have a constant sense that something terrible is going to happen. Problems of this kind are known as panic or anxiety disorders.

There are two ways in which Anxiety or Panic disorders are treated: medication and psychotherapy. Your GP can prescribe a mild anti-depressant to alleviate the worst symptoms, whilst psychotherapy will help you understand and manage your state of anxiety.

Symptoms of anxiety

Do you feel on edge most of the time? Does anxiety affect yor performance at work or make it difficult for you to socialise? Have you recently experienced:
Inability to Relax – you feel constantly nervous, under threat, heightened alertness, being on edge, irritable, and unable to concentrate.;
Fragility – you may feel an overwhelming desire to seek the reassurance of others, to be weepy and dependent. ;
Physical Symptoms – dry mouth, sweating, jumpy, upset stomach, an urgent need to visit the toilet, and butterfly feelings in the stomach.;
Compulsive Behaviours – under the strain of anxiety, people may start smoking or drinking too much, or misusing drugs, some people develop nervous tics, or repetitive behaviours;
Panic attacks – a sudden rush of overwhelming sensations, such as a pounding heart, faintness, sweating, nausea, chest pains, feeling like your falling apart or even that you’re about to die;

Psychotherapy helps with anxiety

If you’re experiencing anxiety or panic attacks counselling and psychotherapy can help you feel calmer, gain a more balanced perspective and develop inner strength to cope with stress. Make an appointment to see me in my central London consulting room

Psychodyanmic psychotherapy understands anxiety disorder as a response to deep and unresolved conflicts in the persons life. In counselling we’ll work together to understand the root cause of your anxiety and bring the unresolved feelings and fears to the surface in the context of the safe professional counselling relationship.

If you feel counselling could help you contact me to make an appointment to discuss your needs.

Further reading about anxiety

  • Anxiety UKis an online information and support service for sufferers of anxiety and phobias.
  • First Steps to Freedom is a service offering infomration and telephone helpline.

News about Anxiety

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What’s Troubling You?


The Next Step

If you would like to see if psychotherapy with a Jungian Analyst can help you please contact me to arrange an initial appointment. This appointment will give you an opportunity to experience a session. My fee for a session is £95. Sometimes I am able to offer a reduced fee.