Is Anger a problem for you?

Are you simmering all the time? Does the smallest thing cause you to boil over, lose your cool or lash out? Do you drive the people you care about away from you? Have you recently experienced:
Short fuse – you feel constantly nervous, under threat, heightened alertness, being on edge, irritable, and unable to concentrate.;
Aggression – do you find yourself looking for a fight, take competition far too seriously;
Driving people away – are you taking it out on the people you’re closest to;
Violent thoughts – do you imagine doing something violent to yourself or another person;
Red mist – your anger takes over and you lose rational control, a switch flicks and you lash out;

Anger a powerful emotional force

While anger can sometimes get out of control and cause us to think and act in extreme ways, anger is also one of the most useful emotions.

Psychotherapy helps you harness anger


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What’s Troubling You?


The Next Step

If you would like to see if psychotherapy with a Jungian Analyst can help you please contact me to arrange an initial appointment. This appointment will give you an opportunity to experience a session. My fee for a session is £95. Sometimes I am able to offer a reduced fee.