Are you depressed?

Do you feel low, sad or miserable all the time? You could be depressed. Other signs of depression include:

  • Feeling empty – you don’t get any pleasure from life, even from things you used to enjoy;
  • Disturbed sleep patterns – waking very early and being kept awake by your thoughts, or not having the motivation to get out of bed;
  • Appetite – either you’ve lost your appetite, or eating excessively with no enjoyment;
  • Self Image – feeling useless and helpless; thinking that you’re a burden to people close to you;
  • Self Attack – suicidal thoughts, self-harming, or saying negative things to yourself;

If you think you have depression, you have a better chance of recovery if you seek treatment. Make an appointment to see me in my central London consulting room.

What is depression?

You are not alone. About 2 in 3 adults have depression at some time in their life. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 10 men will have an episode of depression serious enough to require treatment at some point in their lives.

Depression can be brought on by a specific event – the end of a relationship; a death; or a period of stress. However, depression can also set-in when everything else in your life seems fine.

Some people are more susceptible to depression than others. The explanation for this probably lies in previous life experiences or family background.

The best treatment depends on your particular case. Recent research suggests that while medication (anti-depressant) is helpful in alleviating the symptoms of depression in the short term, psychotherapy is necessary to address the underlying causes and prevent a relapse.

If you live in London and feel counselling could help you contact me to make an appointment to discuss your needs in my central London consulting room.

Psychotherapy for depression

The aim of treatment in counselling is twofold: to help you manage your depression, by providing you with a secure, professional space in which you can get your feelings out and gain some control again; and second to explore the roots of your depression to find out where it gets it hold on you and its energy from.

If you feel counselling could help you contact me to make an appointment to discuss your needs in my central London consulting room.

Do you have other questions about counselling.

 Need Help Right Now?

  • Samaritans have a 24 hour anonymous helpline for people in London – if you need to talk to someone right now please call them on 08457909090 or email:
  • Depression Alliance is an online information and support service for sufferers of depression in London and the UK.

Further reading about depression

News about depression

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What’s Troubling You?


The Next Step

If you would like to see if psychotherapy with a Jungian Analyst can help you please contact me to arrange an initial appointment. This appointment will give you an opportunity to experience a session. My fee for a session is £95. Sometimes I am able to offer a reduced fee.