Relationship Problems

Relationship troubles

  • Confused – not sure what you really want, grass is always greener, can’t find the right person;
  • Destructive Patterns – you see yourself doing the same thing again and again, like choosing the wrong person, sabotaging relationships, or provoking conflict;
  • Loneliness – feel that you don’t have any friends, lack the confidence to socialise, feeling let down by your friends, can’t be alone;
  • Break-Up – getting through a hard break-up, scared of being on your own, can’t understand what happened;
  • Conflict – family feuds, office conflict, non-stop lovers quarrels, anger and frustration;

Relationships and mental health

Relationships, whether with partners, family or friends, can be the best of experiences; but when they go wrong they can also be torture. The more important the relationship the worse the pain. Counselling can help you consider your relationship issues and get some clarity on how to change your situation for the better.

Each person has their own style of relating, with it’s weaknesses and strengths. We learn how to relate from the first people we ever meet – our parents. As a result our relationship problems often have deep roots, and old habits are hard to break.

Psychotherapy for relationship issues

Few things are more confusing than trying to figure out relationship issues, by yourself. Talking to a counsellor can give you a useful impartial perspective on the situation, and the help you need to improve things.

In counselling we’ll explore and try to understand your style of relating, the way you see yourself in your relationships, the things you wish you could change, the origins of your patterns and explore new ways of relating.


If you’re troubled by a problem in an important relationship, or are wondering why your relationships always seem to follow the same pattern, counselling can help you. Make an appointment to see me in my central London consulting room.

News about relationship issues

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What’s Troubling You?


The Next Step

If you would like to see if psychotherapy with a Jungian Analyst can help you please contact me to arrange an initial appointment. This appointment will give you an opportunity to experience a session. My fee for a session is £95. Sometimes I am able to offer a reduced fee.