Narcissism and Millennials in the Digital Age – PsycheCentral

Mar 28 2014, in Uncategorized

An interesting article on narcissism and social media.

According to, narcissism is defined as “an inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity; self-centeredness, smugness, egocentrism.”
As a 20-something myself, I observe how individuals frequently throw this infamous word around, specifically referencing Generation Y, otherwise known as Millennials: “Look at how they tweet and talk about themselves — such a narcissistic generation!”
And while indulging in Twitter/Facebook updates and Instagram photos could be superfluous, I find that it’s a reflection of the digital age. Social media outlets have now become another prominent platform for communication and instant disclosure.
“Generation Y is a generation like no other,” Ryan Gibson wrote in his 2013 article, “Generation Y & Social Media.”
“For starters, it’s the largest generation of them all and with access to huge social networks, their vast connections allow them to have a voice that is louder and more impacted than any previous generation.”
In a 2012 article posted on Psych Central, a study, published in the Journal of Computers in Human Behavior, illustrates a correlation between social media usage and narcissistic tendencies