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Dec 11 2009, in News, Uncategorized

Commonly casual sexual encounters are taken to be at best “meaningless” at worst harmful to self-esteem. A study based on interviews with 1300 young adults has found that on the contrary casual sexual encounters do not evoke feelings of meaninglessness and low self-esteem. Casual sexual encounters are actually found to bolster mental health  in some cases.

In a new study released today, it has been found that the affects of casual sex is actually important for good mental health. Indeed, the study shows that there are no ill affects to casual sex. It is telling, that this study was conducted in accordance with standard scientific procedures.

Additionally, the study, which took some time to compile, has shown what seems to be irrefutable data relating good mental health to people who engage in casual sex.

The study was conducted with a data set of 1,300 young adults in Minnesota. Interestingly enough, the actual study seems to understate the long held misconceptions of the negative affects of casual sex for young adults.

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