How many basic emotions do you have? It’s written on your face, say scientists.

The Christian Science Monitor has a good short survey on attempts to describe and codify human facial expression of emotions.  In the 4th century BC Aristotle came up with what he thought were the 14 irreducible emotions: Anger, Calm, Friendship, Enmity, Fear, Confidence, Shame, Shamelessness, Kindness, Pity, Indignation, Envy, Emulation, and Contempt.

Moods and emotions are spread by social media

How does this post make you feel? Happiness, anger and other emotions can be spread from person to person via updates posted on social networks, scientists have found  

Outbursts of anger linked to greater risk of heart attacks and strokes Outbursts of anger may trigger heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular problems in the two hours immediately afterwards, according to the first study to systematically evaluate previous research into the link between the extreme emotion and all cardiovascular outcomes. The researchers conclude: conclude: “Given the lessons we have learned from trying to treat depression after […]

NYTimes – interview with philopher Daniel Dennett on the nature of human consciouness

The New York Times has an interview with Daniel Dennett a philospopher who has written extensively about human consciousness and the relation between mind and brain. He takes a very iconoclastic and rationalist approach. Mr. Dennett, the co-director of the Center for Cognitive Studies at Tufts University and perhaps America’s most widely read (and debated) […]

BBC: Anger management courses – do they work?

In the wake of Luis Saurez’ second biting attack on another player he was ordered to take an anger management course. These courses are based on CBT and have frequently been part of court-ordered treatments for offenders. The BBC asks "Do they work?"

The Lancet: Curious appetites: surgery and the foreign body

The Lancet has a fascinating article on the medically observed phenomenon of people including foreign objects into their bodies: The term foreign body, as applied to a substance of external origin present within the human body, seems to have entered medical language in the middle of the 18th century. The number of texts on the […]

Young seek more mental health help – The Independent

Young seek more mental health help – The Independent Cambridge News Young seek more mental health help The Independent Young people are increasingly seeking help from counsellors for mental health problems alongside anger management, according to new research. Relate sees around 15000 youngsters each year but its experts say young people are increasingly being referred […]

A new book looks at Freud’s use of cocaine – read a review on Salon

A Salon article takes a brief look at a book titled "An Anatomy of Addiction: Sigmund Freud, William Halsted and the Miracle Drug Cocaine" by Howard Markel. Markel’s provocative book is a dual addiction biography of Freud and his contemporary, William Halsted, arguably the greatest surgeon of his time, a founding professor at Johns Hopkins […]

More on the increasing demand for psychoanalytic therapy in China

The New Yorker has an article on the increasing demand for psychoanalysis in China and on the efforts of an American psychiatrist to meet the demand and train Chinese psychoanalysts. You can only read an abstract of the article online unless you have a subscription. ABSTRACT: LETTER FROM CHINA about increasing demand for psychoanalysis among […]