Boosting self-esteem prevents health problems for seniors

Be nice to that old person in the mirror. (Concordia University) The importance of boosting self-esteem is normally associated with the trials and tribulations of adolescence. But new research from Concordia University shows that it’s even more important for older adults to maintain and improve upon those confidence levels as they enter their twilight […]

Kids with Emotional Problems Risk Adult Obesity | Psych Central News

Comfort eating is a phenomenon we’re all familiar with –  eating as an attempt make up for an emotional deficit. Some recent research seems to show that comfort eating can be a long-term activity in response to childhood emotional suffering. Researchers know that people what are overweight or obese often have low self-esteem and emotional […]

Study Shows Casual Sex Not Damaging for Mental Health « eFitnessNow

Commonly casual sexual encounters are taken to be at best “meaningless” at worst harmful to self-esteem. A study based on interviews with 1300 young adults has found that on the contrary casual sexual encounters do not evoke feelings of meaninglessness and low self-esteem. Casual sexual encounters are actually found to bolster mental health  in some […]

Personalities accurately judged by physical appearance alone

An interesting study demonstrates that we are able to make fairly accurate assessments about the internal states of others, based on their physical appearance alone. Observers were able to accurately judge some aspects of a strangers personality from looking at photographs, according to a study in the current issue of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin […]

Positive thinking has a negative side

One of the assumptions of a number of the more cognitive focused psychological therapies (and self-help books) is that conscious repetition of positive thoughts will counterbalance, perhaps even cancel out negative thought patterns. Recent research finds that this assumption is questionable: Joanne Wood, Professor of Psychology at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, and […]

The Press Association: Downturn ‘to affect mental health’

Will irrational exuberance give way to irrational misery? The economic downturn could cause a 26% rise in mental health problems, affecting more than 1.5 million people in the UK, Conservatives have claimed. Shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley urged the Government to take action to prevent what he said was a crisis in the making, with […]

Economic Downturn Increases Demand for Psychological Services

In the United States the economic crisis is leading to more peopel seeking psychological help. I’m sure there must be a similar trend in the UK. Economic Downturn Increases Demand for Psychological Services | Blogging on Good Therapy. The economic downturn has lead to a spike in the demand for psychological crisis services, according to […]