Teens and Depression

Oct 29 2015, in Uncategorized

The Huffinton Post carries an article written by  on the experience of teens suffering with depression. While the article is written about teens in the USA the issue of teenage depression is just as relevant to readers in London and the UK.

Young adults do not want to reach out for help about their problems. I know that I didn’t. I just desperately wanted to be “normal.” I wanted to feel like everyone else and I thought that if I hid my feelings of pain deep down inside that they would eventually disappear. This can’t be further from the truth. What it in fact does is create a poison that pumps through our veins, infecting our thoughts and judgments on how we perceive ourselves in this world. Depression skews our outlook on life and how our lives appear to others. Symptoms that manifest from depression- apathy, exhaustion, mood swings, physical pain, inclination towards drug use and other risky behaviors — get written off as a “phase” that we as a society are conditioned to think.

Source: What You Need to Know About Teens and Depression