(Picture: The Lord Mayor’s Appeal)

Even when you’re taking steps to work on your mental health, ‘coming clean’ about what’s going on can feel tricky in the workplace.

There’s the very real fear of judgement. Worries that you’ll be seen as less capable.

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Concerns like these are common, but dangerous. Because if there’s one place we need to be talking about mental health and the impact high-stress careers can have, it’s the workplace.

The Green Ribbon Campaign aims to take down the silence.

The campaign, created by The Lord Mayor’s Appeal charity, encouraged people to wear green ribbons to work, to encourage a work culture where people can freely discuss mental health.

(Picture: The Lord Mayor’s Appeal)

Each green ribbon comes branded with the words: ‘Together we can #endthestigma’ – message in partnership with the This is Me initiative (which is working to end the stigma around mental health in high-powered careers).

To get involved, bosses and managers are being asked to order batches of green ribbons for their offices, which workers can then wear throughout Mental Health Awareness Week (that’s 8 May to 14 May) to show anyone struggling alone that it’s okay to open up.

‘Imagine everywhere you go during Mental Health Awareness Week you see thousands of people showing they want to help #endthestigma of mental health by wearing a green ribbon,’ explains the website.

(Picture: The Lord Mayor’s Appeal)

‘We are asking organisations to invite their employees to wear a green ribbon as a visible sign of support and to help destigmatise mental health by: Creating a visible movement of support for ending the stigma, showing those struggling that there is support and they are not alone, demonstrating the level of support for this issue in your organisation, [and] encouraging people to share their story and to create an inclusive cultures workplace.’

Along with a box of ribbons, workplaces that get involved will also receive resources for starting conversations around mental health.

So the campaign is more than just sticking a ribbon on your lapel and being done with it.

If you fancy getting involved, get your boss to order a box of green ribbons (batches of 50 cost 35p per ribbon) before 24 April.

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